El dúo francés MacGuffin lanzó a inicios de septiembre un EP llamado Knife Edge,  trabajo en el que muestran diversas influencias tales como el trip hop, el pop, la canción francesa, etc, todo enmarcado en un formato cinemático. Dejemos que ellos mismos se presenten:  

"MacGuffin is a project that brings together Barbara and Damny, the unlikely encounter version "Catch me if you can! " of a young singer and a musician (formerly La Phaze) between two airport lounges.

They sign what could be the soundtrack of a film, both dark (with titles like "Knife Edge", "I Cross My Heart") and burlesque ("Apple Spy"). Barbara, a beautiful soulful voice, eyes full of suspense and the style of screen goddess Marlene Dietrich - and the mysterious character of a history tinged with nostalgia, reminding us of the authenticity of the heroines of the time.

With samples taken from old vinyl records and some powerful and classical orchestrations, MacGuffin rekindles the fire of the 90's scene of Bristol (Massive Attack, Portishead ...) by revisiting current vibes with a tribute to the 60's.  Dub, Trip Hop, Classic - a transversal journey through time that mixes instruments and machines for the first instalment of a decidedly original kind".

You Against You

Compra el EP en itunes.


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