Motorama is a russian band (from Rostov city) , formed in 2005. At the beginning of their career they were performing post-punk and the voice of vocalist Vladislav was often compared to the voice of Ian Curtis, because of what they were often accused in copying the music of famous british band. Over time, the sound of Motorama undergone major changes - in the debut album called «Alps», released in May of 2010, the sound was far away from classic post-punk, it was recorded very clearly, refering listeners to the Twi-soft melodies and crystal Scandinavian indie-pop - the sound was smoother, relaxed and confident at the same time compared to previous releases,including the rhythm section with live drums.

In 2011 band had a big european tour and did more than 20 gigs in Germany, France, Belgium, Greece etc. And was a member of festivals in Russia and Serbia.Their second LP ''Calendar'' may sound a little bit simple and monotonously at first, lyrics about love and loneliness may be too banal for our listeners, satiated with the bittersweet songs about feelings, but if you listen to it more, you'll recognize dream-pop atmosphere, guitar polyphony a-la the Smiths, sound, faded with echo a-la the Chameleons, etc. Maybe these songs are a little bit the same,but, without doubt, they all are good, and ''Calendar'' LP will find its place in any melomaniac's collection ;)

PS. I am dissapointed a little bit. "Alps" LP was fresh for our listeners, but they're too samely for me. They don't give much gigs in Russia - only in Rostov, Moscow and St. Petersburg, I can feel that they are oriented in Europe, unsincerely for their native land, and too boring for european listeners.



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