Dennis Johnson-November

"November" es un disco rescatado del olvido, reconstruido para este año, y presentado como un disco pionero del minimalismo, un pozo melancólico infinito. A continuación la presentación del mismo.

"Until recently, one of the most substantial and significant pieces of the minimalist repertoire was virtually unknown. Written in 1959 by Dennis Johnson, November was purportedly six hours long as originally conceived. La Monte Young, who knew Johnson while at UCLA in the late 50s, credited the piece for inspiring The Well-Tuned Piano. November anticipated many trends in minimalist music in addition to its prodigious duration: diatonic tonality, additive processes, and repetition of small motives. It is beautiful, slow-paced, and introspective, and was nearly lost entirely. Irritable Hedgehog and Penultimate Press are proud to announce the first ever release of this historically significant and thoroughly engaging work".

Penultimate Press


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