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La Yne es el proyecto del finlandés Matti Laine y "La Grande Ilussion" es el EP debut de una banda difícil de encasillar. Bueno, digo banda pero en realidad se trata de Laine y amigos como bien indica su perfil en Facebook. En "La Grande Ilussion" se atreve a explorar una diversidad de sonidos que van desde la música étnica, pasando por el ambient, el rock progresivo, en fin, una variedad de estilos que como dije antes es difícil  definir en su conjunto pero que permiten apreciar los recursos de Laine, su cultura musical, y su ambición por explorar territorios donde muy pocos se atreven, es decir, en la conjunción donde la música es un verdadero viaje. A continuación una entrevista en inglés.

Music Is a Journey, Not a Destination 

Q-Tell me how did you choose a name for your EP. Why did you choose a name 'La Gran Illusion'? Does this name describe content of the EP?

A-So my band project name is "la YnE" and experimental a theme EP called "La grande illusion". For an EP of only eight tracks, La grande illusion is an eclectic affair ethnic, jazz, electronica and ambient. I wrote all the songs and played synth, keys, bass, eBow, radio and more...

La grande illusion EP is my story, the story of my personal journey...We are living a daily life of unknowns and unexpected surprises...Turkey burns with riots, Eurozone crisis, global warming...we live in a great world it sometimes does not seem that way but I believe life is what you wish it to be. In a way it is an illusion because our minds are the ones who choose how we should perceive...

In my opinion, this music opened new avenues for creative use of world music combined with modern day technology, music where the synthetic and organic magnificently blend together. The songs are "La grande illusion" present myriad elements from around the world in the same jumbled stew,
without regard for age, race, color, creed or religion or sex. I have recorded many samples from around the world - sound of radio, Jordan street singers, preachers of Vatican, Muslim chanting, Egyptian voice, ambience of Mexico and among others. Finally, EP of "La grande illusion" is celebration of life... influenced by travels and adventures had with my friends and family. So, as you can see, each song comes from a different place, and represents a little chapter of my life.

If you like Peter Gabriel "IV" or Brian Eno and David Byrne "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" and if you're at all curious about the roots of ambient music, electronica, sampling, "world music" - well, I hope that you will like my music too!

-I clearly understand that you're a sinscere music fan, but tell me, what kind of music you like the most for this moment. What's your favourite music style/bands?

The last albums I bought was Dead can Dance - Anastasis and David Sylvian - Died in the Wool
I can't say the following influenced my music per sé, but they are among my favorite records of all time: Japan - Tin Drum, Mick Karn - all Albums, Peter Gabriel - IV, Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon, King Crimson - Three of a Perfect Pair, Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
and Beatles - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

-How long did it take to make your EP??

This is my dream, my passion, it's a truly heartical matter to me! I started the work this project last summer but in the studio sessions began in last December. I'm a lucky man, many talented musicians helped me to realize my dream, so Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of them!

-What are your future plans? Do you intend to choose the same route, or change it later?

At the moment, I want to create the music that provides people with a release from the ordinary and lets them know we are all connected.... Music Is a Journey, Not a Destination ...

Some great musicians adding their own style to the album:

Matti Laine - keys and synth, samples, bass, guitar, eBow and radio
Pekka Laine - guitar, record and mixing
Kari Reini - percussion, didgeridoo and vibrafoni
Thomas Rönnholm - drums and percussion
Verneri Pohjola - trumpet



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